Prague Plundered

Posted by Afrojew2 | | Posted On Tuesday, May 18, 2010 at 8:00 AM

And now for something completely different. Prague. An utter disappointment. Don't get me wrong, its a gorgeous city... when the streets aren't clogged with map-wielding, camera-flashing, tourists in groups of 30 or more - I think the only locals who live in Prague work in the restaurants and stores that serve us. But they were. Everywhere. And they rob the city of its beauty. Unfortunately I booked four nights in a hostel (the most I have ever booked at once) expecting greatness.

I did the standard walking around, drinking coffee, eating delicious food thing for two days. I hiked to the top of the biggest hill outside the city, then up a huge tower from which I got a spectacular view of the city. Like I said, gorgeous when you can't see the tourists. The next two days I spent around the hostel, blogging, planning the next 2 weeks of my trip, and resting, because holy crap I was tired of tourists and cities. At this point I made it my mission to visit a small town in Germany and spend a few days there, away from the madness. I did make it to the city center for an concert put on as an anti-communism demonstration. There I met a cool German chick and after the music we went to a ridiculous bar with 3 floors: one for drinking, once for dancing, and one for live music. We chose live music. Pretty cool.

The best thing about Prague was definitely the beer. So far, the Czech's make the best, and Budweiser is my favorite (even after my German beer experience). Thats right. Budweiser. The original, not the crappy American version. Pilsner Urquell is also amazing. So, go to the Czech Republic, definitely. The country is beautiful - the train ride to Berlin was by far the prettiest - the beer is delicious, and the locals are lovely, if you can find them. But spend only one day in Prague and the rest of your time elsewhere. Unless, of course, you like amusement parks.


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